Mosquito Research Utilities

Studying disease-carrying vectors is the cornerstone to provide solutions to the most intriguing questions about disease vectors and the disease pathogenesis. Good Laboratory Practices enforce to use the quality, standard, reliable tools to conduct research. We found that today, it is really hard to get the lightweight, durable, flexible insect rearing cages in the scientific market. In order to cater to the needs of this niche area, we have introduced a variety of tools to meet the demand for conducting quality mosquito research. All of our cages are less than 500 gm weight, easy to carry and assemble in 2 min. Our larval trays are intelligently designed to prevent building up of harmful gases in the larval environment thus promoting healthy larval growth. We have also tools to rear disease carrying larval/adult insects separately without fearing escapes into the lab space. Our Humidifier has the capacity to cover 250 sq ft and can able to humidify within an hour. The minute droplets let the humidity lasts longer than usual making ideal for maintaining insectaries and mushroom cultivation.

Biogents develops and produces patented traps for mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects which exhibit capture rates that are multiple times better than those of other designs. That is why, for example, Biogents traps are being investigated as a means for combating dengue fever as well. The exophilic and forest lowing species can be trapped using several of our malaise traps available with us.

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