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Insect Rearing Cage 4S3030.jpg

For rearing insects that are bigger than 1mm in size. Aperture size of the mesh is 680um. Several models variant in design and sizes are available to cater specific research needs. 


INR 3241

Insect Rearing Tent BD2120_01.jpg

The tents are wider and taller in dimensions when compared to cages. This aspect permits the use of multiple pots or larger canopy plants for rearing or research. Best to study ETL or treatment based studies. Great option to study insect behavior and its interactions with its host species.


INR 5929


Utilities for mosquito research namely mosquito rearing cages, aspirators, mosquito traps (Biogents Sentinel, CDC, MKU, etc), mosquito attractants, larval trays, etc. A specific collection of tools available to separately rear the field collected populations from the laboratory-adapted mosquitoes. 


INR 350

6 well cell culture plates.jpg

This section lists utilities for conducting insect bioassays. We have several types of bioassay trays available for research. For example, 6 well, 24 well and 7 well plates etc. Th.ese rearing trays could be used to study insect behavior when fed with feed containing bio-chemicals or synthetics like pesticides


INR 100

Chemicals & Reagents by Labitems.jpg

We have listed all general use chemicals and reagents in this section. We recommend use search bar on the page to navigate to right product since browsing might be inconvenient to get to the product.


INR 10

Insect Rearing Cage BD4F3030_01.jpg

For rearing insects that are smaller than 1mm in size. Aperture size of the mesh is 160um. Several models variant in design and sizes are available to cater specific research needs. 


INR 4341


The bags are light weight and easy to carry. Aid in several ways to perform insect studies, for example, determination of economic threshold levels (ETLs), rearing of insects in-situ, preserving rare insects in-situ, observing unknown insect's life cycle or rearing insects on host-plant, etc.


INR 270


The Berlese funnels and Winker selectors are effective tools for separating leaf litter and humus from photophobic insects and arachnids, which generally favor humid environments.


INR 4100

Sterile petridish disposable-1.jpg

This section lists plasticware use for general research. Micro tips  centrifuge tubes, vials, gloves, cryogenic related items, glassware, racks, inoculating loops, cell scrappers  petri dish, compartmental petri dishes etc.


INR 100

GoTaq qPCR Master Mix.jpg

We have listed all general use molecular biology reagents and kits in this section along with exclusive range of plasticware and other utilities for conducting molecular biology research


INR 650

Insect Rearing Cage BD6S610_01.jpg

The cages are bigger in size than 4S and 4F series. The scaffold is made of Alloy that can larger size of the cage. Can be used to rear insects in-situ on live-plants and are suitable to work with potted plants.


INR 8750


Innovation can be felt in the aspirators design and use. Multiple models of aspirators available for variety of entomological collections. All of the available aspirators plugged with HEPA filters to prevent entry of harmful allergies into mouth of the researcher.


INR 650


A malaise trap is a large, tent-like structure used for trapping flying insects. We have several types of models available for various needs.


INR 9870

Student microscope 1.jpeg

Microscopes for variety of purposes. More recently we have introduced sub INR3000 microscope for students, professionals and hobbyists a like.


INR 2700

Entomological items, Microscopes, Laboratory items, Insect Rearing Cages, Glassware and Entomological Tools


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