Yashika Solutions
  • Field Kits for Medical Entomologists

    Enhance field research efficiency with kits—a vital tool for field collectors and entomologists 


  • Olfaction and Bioassay Studies

    Kits are made for quick buying all necessary items at an affordable pricing for achieving specific objective or purpose
  • Breeding and assay containers

    Breeding cum bioassay containers are great tools for conducting in-situ studies like plant - insect, insect to insect, insect breeding, etc

  • Insect Rearing Cages, Rearing Tents, Experimental Bags

  • Light traps and Passive traps

  • Insect Aspirators

    Battery, manual and semi-manual aspirators

    Aspirator for every kind of entomological collections. Be it a simple manual aspirator, semi-mechanical, battery operated etc. These aspirators come with different opening sizes to collect diverse insects
    Semi mechanical aspirator for collection of smaller insects
  • Insect Rearing Bags and Collection Containers

    Insect Rearing Bags for localised studies on insects. Restrict insects to the specific area of the plant part and study their interactions with each other.
  • Emergence Soil, Water, and Amphibian Traps

    Study of soil and water borne insects and their interactions with natural environs

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Product Categories

Professional Insect Rearing Cages

Insect Rearing Cages

Several types of insect rearing cages with various lengths, breadths and heights. The cages are classified based on the types of insects to be reared. Research cages, Commercial cages for large scale culturing of insects

Professional Entomological Kits

Entomological Kits

Professional, functional and simply kits are available for various research need. Majorly classified as for agriculture and medical entomology. Professional Entomological Kits for Students, Researchers, and Professionals
Semi mechanical insect collections.
Bulb based semi-mechanical aspirator

Entomological Aspirator

Mechanical, Semi-mechanical, and Mouth aspirators are available for working with both agriculture and medically important insects.

First Stage Experimental Analyses for Further Fine Tuning Studies


Studying insects and their behaviour in response to various environmental parameters, semio chemicals, other natural ingredients in the surroundings. First stage experiment tools and accessories to proceed to fine tune selected compounds through GC and electrochromatogram studies

Climatic control systems for insectary

Instruments for Entomology

Climatic Control Systems for Insectary, RTC based Dawn and Dusk System, Humidity Controllers, Temperature Controllers, Data Loggers, Altimeter, etc

Ento Strainer Kit

Entomological Accessories

Insect pins, insect strainers, Berlese funnels, ento brushes, entomological forceps, micro dissection kits, dissection kits, etc. Kits and tools for isolation and sampling of insects from litter, soil, and live plants

Insect Sample Storage Solutions

Sampling, Pinning, Labelling, Recording and Storage of Insect Specimens

Malaise Traps

Passive Traps for Insect Sampling for Research

Passive traps is the way to do year long studies through out several years. No repetitive consumables or expenses. Can able to track insect populations across various seasons and competitive advantage of one species over others.

Active Traps Based on Lighting for Insect Sampling for Research

No technical labor is needed to do sampling and collections. Error free monitoring for effects of various control measures. Great way to do bionomical studies.

DNA, RNA and Protein Reagents

DNA, RNA and protein related chemicals and reagents.

Mosquito Research Tools

Adult Research

All research utilities for researching on adult mosquitoes

Mosquito Larval Research Tools

Larval Research

Larval accessories, larval collection pipettes, plastic pipettes, larval field strainers, larval rearing, mechanical larval separator, larval laddles, larval collection nets, etc

CDC Light Traps

Tools and accessories like microdissection tools

Tools and Accessories for Mosquito Research

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