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Mosquito Field Kit for Professional Insect Collectors - Functional

Larval Collection Kit Functional

The entoWIZ mosquito larval collection kit FUNCTIONAL consists of most of the items that are required for efficient field sampling of mosquito larvae like larval sampler or collection dipper, entomological larval screening sieves set, torch and batteries, larval trays, dissecting needles, brush kit, entomological forceps kit etc. Simply the kit has all items that are included in the professional entomologist kit in addition it has the larval screening sieves set for field separation of debris and other contaminants from the larval dips. Four models available like simply basicfunctionalprofessional and advanced.
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The entoWIZ mosquito larval collection kit typically includes various tools and supplies necessary for collecting mosquito larvae from their breeding sites. The specific components may vary depending on the kit type as we have four models available like simply basic, functional, professional and advanced.

The entoWIZ mosquito larval collection kit is typically used in various settings to gather mosquito larvae for research, monitoring, and control purposes. Here are some common places where a mosquito larval collection kit may be used:
  1. Research laboratories: Mosquito larval collection kits are frequently employed in research laboratories studying mosquito biology, behavior, ecology, and vector-borne diseases. Researchers can collect larvae from different habitats to study their development, population dynamics, and susceptibility to insecticides.

  2. Public health departments: Mosquito control programs implemented by public health departments often use larval collection kits to monitor mosquito populations and assess the risk of disease transmission. By collecting and identifying larvae, authorities can determine the mosquito species present in an area and take appropriate control measures.

  3. Environmental agencies: Environmental agencies and organizations responsible for monitoring and managing aquatic habitats may use larval collection kits to assess the impact of mosquito larvae on local ecosystems. Collecting and studying mosquito larvae can provide insights into the ecological balance and potential environmental disturbances.

  4. Educational institutions: Mosquito larval collection kits can be utilized in schools, colleges, and universities as educational tools. They allow students to observe mosquito life cycles, understand the importance of mosquito control, and learn about the potential health risks associated with mosquitoes.

  5. Field research: Mosquito larval collection kits are valuable in field research settings, where researchers may study mosquitoes in their natural habitats. This could include locations such as wetlands, ponds, swamps, or urban areas where water collection sites serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

  6. Mosquito control programs: Local mosquito control agencies and organizations responsible for managing mosquito populations may employ larval collection kits as part of their surveillance and control strategies. Identifying breeding sites


1) [LI-MR-117]Field Utility Bag (General and for Advanced Prokopacks) - 1 unt

2) [LI-IR-70]Torch for entomological work with high and long flash beam LI-IR-70 - 1 unt

3) [LI-IR-499]D-Cell Duracell or equivalent batteries - 4 pcs

4) [LI-MR-02]Larval Pipettes For All Instars and Pupae (3ml) - LI-MR-02 - 1 unt

5) [LI-MR-95]Larval pipettes for mosquito collections-4mm opening for all instars and pupal work - 1 unt

6) [LI.LI.11]Larval Sorting trays PP LI.LI.11 - 1 unt

7) [LI-IR-84]Ento Strainer kit LI-IR-84 - 1 unt

8) [LI-MR-23]Larval Collection Dipper for mosquito larval sampling-Fixed Handle 90cm Enamel Dipper - 1 unt

9) [LI-MR-143]Plastic Sampling Jar 250ml - 4 Unt

10) Wash bottles-500 ml-Pack of 1 - 1 

11) [LI-MR-144]Centrifuge tubes 50ml capacity Self Standing Pack of 10 - 1 Pack

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