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Mosquito Larval Collection Complete Kit with ABS or PP with foam box
Mosquito Larval Collection Complete Kit with ABS or PP with foam box
Mosquito Larval Collection Complete Kit with ABS or PP with foam box
Mosquito Larval Collection Complete Kit with ABS or PP with foam box

Larval Collection Kit Advanced with ABS Casing Box

All tools for efficient collection of mosquito larval samples from the field settings in an ABS or PP casing for easy carrying in the field. The telescopic dipper or telescopic laddle to draw samples from various sources. The angle adjustable dipper to change a dipper position to a desired angle to draw a perfect water samples from both variable distant and/or at a different water depth places. The ento strainer kit to strain the litter and other debris in water sample, water drawers or pipettes to separate the larvae from other organic matter, a clear polystyrene bottles for storing water samples, a water resistant torch to lighting the dark waters, a pure white larval trays for easy viewing, and separation of larvae, etc. Download the product brochure here
The larval kit for sampling, storing and analyses of mosquito populations under different geographical settings. Mostly recommended when water sampling is demanded from water tanks, deep water sources, marshy lands and grasses, etc
Care Instructions
Do not physically abuse the tools by rough handling the tools and accessories. They are meant for sampling 250 gms of weight. Not made to withstand heavy weights. Careful handling of glass, polystyrene and other plastics are recommended
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Product Details

entoWIZ Mosquito larval kit is a complete solution for collection, cleaning, sampling, storage of mosquito larvae for field surveillance and monitoring. The kit consists of following items;

  1. ABS casing with custom designed foam for keeping all the kit items together
  2. 3-step Larval Collection Ladle - 1 no's
  3. Ento Strainer Kit to screen larvae from water contaminants like debris - 3 no's of different micron sizes
  4. Polystyrene clear bottles -  2 no's
  5. White PP tray for placing the ento strainer kit to sort the larval samples - 1 no's to screen the larvae
  6. Glass or PP based pipette to collect the larvae from containers -  2 no's (4ml and 50ml capacity)
  7. Water proof torch -  powerful LED torch
  8. 100ml Bulk larval transferring pipettes - 2 no's
  9. 4mm opening small size larval pipettes - 3 no's
  10. Wash bottles - 500ml 
  11. Centrifuge tubes of 50ml capacity for carrying the larval samples
  12. Marker pen, Marking Labels, 50ml Containers, waterproof notepad. 
Resources to be downloaded for record keeping purposes:
  1. Larval source management Data Collection Sheets.pdf-https://docs.zohopublic.in/file/14lcycd1a02baa9cc43c7b4afd61b2e246c27
  2. Larval Collection Field Record Sheet.pdf-https://docs.zohopublic.in/file/14lcy608bea9ebd2a40fbb5779e3f79ce991c
  3. Mosquito data collection sheet.pdf-https://docs.zohopublic.in/file/14lcy004646ed041f4e8fbe356a43ffc6562f

For aspirators and other utilities, please use search option to locate the product of interest.

Download the product brochure here

Larval collection field record sheet

Medical Entomologists Field Bag is available for separate purchase. Designed to keep all things together including the adult collection samples, and larval kit accessories. Can be used for adult as well as larval collection purposes.
NOTE: The contents, and their color or material type will change as we do improvements to the kit as a whole or in their parts. We do this without changing the final out come of the functionality of the individual component that undergone a change. 

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