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Automatic Humidity and Temperature Controller Unit only

Automatic humidity and temperature controller unit. This is only the controlling unit. The heat blower and the humidifiers are need to be purchased separately. Can be used to connect with one heating unit and two humidifiers
The unit can be used to control humidity and temperature from different locations like in food storage areas, poultry farms, inside insect rearing facilities, etc
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Automatic temperature and humidity controller. The unit has two components namely humidity controller and a temperature controller. The humidity controller specifications and other information can be found here.

Humidity controller for regulating humidifiers at a desired RH%. It is very tedious and cumbersome to maintain humidity in insectary. Excess humidity might develop mold in the insectary while improper or low humidity might be dangerous to the healthy insect colonies. Low humidity might result in the death of insects. So RH% at 65-70 is optimum for rearing good quality insects. Our regulator can be used to auto control humidity at desired RH through controlling the humidifier


1. Humidity can be set from room RH to 95%

2. Can be set at an increments of 1%

3. Auto on and off the connected humidifier

4. Sensor has a precision of plus or minus 4%

The temperature controller works by controlling both AC and a heat blower. The inputs of both cooling and heating unit are connected to the controller which inturn controls the power flowing through the cooler and blower based on the temperatures in the surroundings. The settings work from RT or 18 to 55 degrees.


  1. Temperature can be set from RT or 18 to 55 degrees

  2. Can be set at an increments of 1 degree

  3. Auto controls the heater blower and the cooler based on the surrounding temperatures

  4. Sensors are precision to the level of 1 degree

fdYou need to buy heating blowers and coolers separately. The price mentioned here is only for the controller.

Please look here for a complete set of cooler, heater blowers, and a controller.

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