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Mosquito Field Kit for Professional Insect Collectors - Simply Basic

Larval Collection Kit Simply Basic

The kit consists of one mouth aspirator bent with collection chamber, 10 numbers of collection containers and one field carrying bag, and other accessories for larval samples collections like fixed dipper (60cm in length), entomological larval screening sieves set, torch and batteries, larval tray. Mouth aspirator - 1, Field collection bag - 1, Torch - 1, D-cell - 4, Larval pipette (3ml) - 10, Test tube 25ml - 1, Larval sorting trays - 1, Entomological brush kit - 1, Test Tube Rack - 1, Fixed larval dipper - 1, Ento strainer kit - 1, Adult mosquito container - 1 pack
Four models are available like simply basic, functional, professional and advanced
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The entoWIZ mosquito larval collection kit typically includes various tools and supplies necessary for collecting mosquito larvae from their breeding sites. The specific components may vary depending on the kit type as we have four models available like simply basic, functional, professional and advanced.

The kit consists of  fixed dipper (60cm in length), entomological larval screening sieves set, torch and batteries, Larval trays etc.


1) [LI-MR-117]Field Utility Bag (General and for Advanced Prokopacks) - 1 unt
2) [LI-IR-70]Torch for entomological work with high and long flash beam LI-IR-70 - 1 unt
3) [LI-IR-499]D-Cell Duracell or equivalent batteries - 1 pcs
4) [LI-MR-95]Larval pipettes for mosquito collections-4mm opening for all instars and pupal work - 1 unt
5) [LI.LI.11]Larval Sorting trays PP LI.LI.11 - 1 unt
6) [LI-MR-20]Larval Collection Dipper for mosquito larval sampling-Fixed Handle 60cm Enamel Dipper - 1 Unt
7) [LI-IR-84]Ento Strainer kit LI-IR-84 - 1 unt

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