Bioassay trays

Bioassay trays and rearing cells and rearing bags for conducting various insect bioassays. Our rearing cells are repeatedly be used washing with mild soap followed by mild chemical sterilization like using 0.1% NaOCl or other desired concentration. Do not use surf or other harsh material to dip, soak or wash the rearing cells as this can fade transparency of the rearing trays. Also, do not use alcohol directly on cleaning the trays as this can also discolour or bring opaqueness to the rearing cells. Do not also use hard or metallic or household cleaning scrubs on these rearing trays or cells. Instead please use a sponge or similar material for cleaning for reuse. Also, soak used trays or rearing cells for overnight in tween 20 other laboratory detergent before proceeding for washing for reuse.

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