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Larval Tray Lid LI-MR-57

Larval Tray Lid only LI-MR-57

Larval lids : The water resistant foam material and a no-see-hum mesh for larval rearing trays for aeration and healthy colony growth. Please see that these are only trays. If you wish to buy larval trays only or larval tray + mesh lid please look here.
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Size dimensions:
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Mesh size:

The lid is made of soft foam and has a considerable rectangular cut at the center of the lid for proper ventilation to the larval environment that helps to exchange of outside air at the same time protecting the culture from laying eggs by other escapee mosquitoes. Also, the lid offers protection from developing of scum on the water due to anerobic environment if it happens that the larval tray is closed with plastic hard lid without aeration holes. This larval lid of the trays is washable as and when required without actually damaging the lid any way as these plastics is resistant to easy degradation by chemicals or soaps. However, it is not recommended to wash the tray lid with hot boiling water. Any laboratory grade reagent should be worked to clean the soiled trays to bring them to the original attire.

The complete tray i.e, PP tray and the foam lid can be bought here. These trays are highly recommended to culture healthy mosquito colonies especially when cyclic colonies are wished to be maintained years to come. 
Only PP tray can be purchased here.

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