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NO frills, simple yet powerful microscope...

This microscope is a beginner's compound microscope could be used for almost all applications that a student could imagine. It has a monocular viewing head with a mirror illumination. A forward-facing rotating turret with 100x, 400x, and 1500x magnification with a solid metallic build. The microscope comes with Coaxial coarse by easy focusing and has a rack-and-pinion focus mechanism for a quick and precise focusing. The plain mettalic stage has two stage clips that secure the slide or specimen in place during viewing *The advanced version comes with a front and back moving mechanical stage for better experience. The metal frame is durable and stain-resistant and has been quoted with a rust proof vinyl material. The microscope comes with an accessory kit with 10 blank slides and 10 coverslips.

This microscope is designed for tertiary institutions and primary and secondary schools for conveniently observing biological slices, biological cells, bacteria and living tissue culture, fluid precipitation observation, pathogens, human as well as any other animal blood, plant as well as animal tisues and end less other possible viewing for research, passion and fun a like. It is widely used in teaching demonstration, biochemical experiments, clinical research, and maintaining personal catalogue of microenvironmental collections made out of passion etc.



1. Fixed square stage Movable stage could be bought separately

2. Dust proof triple revolving nose piece has three sockets for three different objective lenses namely 10x, 40x and 100x 100x lense is optional and available only with advanced models

3. Focussing by coarse and fine adjustment without scale. The coaxical adjustment is possible which helps novice learners like primary school going students to focus the specimen

4. Fixed type sub-stage Abbe type N.A. 1.25 condenser with iris diaphragm & swing out filter holder

5. Illumination by plano concave mirror in fork mount. You can use mobile phone or table lamps to divert the light to the viewing eye pieces during nights. Additional battery powered LED light is available for purchase at an additional cost of 250/- for seemless night viewing


Package contents:

The microscope is packed in a custom made styrofoam that fits microscope and accessories. 

1 Microscope with 10x Huygenian eye piece fixed and one 15x Huygenian eye piece extra along with two 10x and 40x or three 10x, 40x, and 100x object lenses depending on the purchase model type 2 10 blank slides 3 10 blank cover slips



A. Who can use this microscope

Any one as younger as 4 years old can use under parental observations

B. What can be viewed in the microscope

Any thing that can't be seen with eyes can be seen with max 1500x* magnification. This helps dwelling into beautiful, mind blowing microenvironment prevails around us in Mother Nature

C. Can we use this self prepared slides or specimens or samples

Yes. You can do-it-yourself. You'll get 10 numbers of slides and coverslips to do DIY

D. Can we get prepared specimens on slides?

Yes. They are available for purchase and we shall update you the comprehensive list of available modesl as and when they are ready to sale

E. What is the life of a microscope? How long could it be used?

In theory, ever. It has glass and metal in it. The microscope made of the material that lasts and show no signs of wearing or weathering

F. Is it comes with warranty? and If out of warranty do we get service or self serviceable parts when needed

Yes. You'll receive a full year warranty on its performance. However, in case any upgrade needed we always maintains stock of appropriate accessories that can upgrade your microscope to advanced one. Our commitment is give your purchase a life after life as and when need arises with more powerful lenses all that can be fixed to the same model you have purchased

G. Is self servicing possible with the microscope?

Yes. Absolutely. You can fix the microscope your self when no physical damage occurred. Upgrade is mostly DIY. When order for the parts we shall provide you complete instructions to give you smooth run

H. Have questions?

Please contact us at the contact sections in the webpage preferably through email or WhatsApp. We promise you quick turnover time on your queries


Happy Researching......

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