Dimensions: L165 x W115 x H190 cm
Net Weight: 870 grams
Main Material: Netting | Polyester
Mesh Size: 96 x 26 | 680 um aperture


The mesh size of its white roof is 108 x 32 mesh/square inch (changed from 96 x 26 mesh/square inch).

Malaise traps are widely used in biodiversity surveys because they efficiently trap a wide range of flying insects. One of the main complaints about the Malaise trap, though, is its cost, especially compared to other trapping tools.

This economical Malaise trap is the result of quality sewing work. Its black Polyester no-see-um fabric (96 x 26 mesh/square inch) catches minute insects, including parasitic wasps. The interception area (center panel) of our Malaise trap is 165 by 110 cm (5.4 ft by 3.6 ft). If you place trays with killing agents underneath this interceptor, it also functions as a flight interception trap (FIT) or window trap, sampling specimens (i.e. some beetles) that drop or fly down after hitting an obstruction.

Each Townes-style Malaise trap comes equipped with one 500 ml collecting bottle. The catch is easily removed by unscrewing this collecting bottle from the connecting ring. Tent pegs, guy ropes, and support poles required for trap installation are NOT included in the package.


1. Basic trap along with insect collection bottles

Additional requirements for proper installation of trap:

1. Cotton flaps

2. Cotton white flat tapes (10mt for each of the trap)

3. J-type Al-T5056 metal hooks for holding the trap (Cat No# LI-IR-61)

End users suggested to purchase require height metal or PVC pipes or wooden strips from local market to hold the trap from center. However, the J-hooks are sufficient if you are planning to install the trap in woods or high density plantation areas.

Please download installation instructions here.

For missing accessories, tools and miscellaneous please visit here.

Standard Malaise Trap BT1001

  • Assembly (Download here):

    • Please note that guy ropes, tent pegs or poles, support poles are not included in the trap which are otherwise require for the installation of the trap
    • It is suggested to use either wooden or aluminum poles for the support or you can find supports in the forest or field itself 
    • Do not leave much gap at the bottom as the trap is made of fine quality mesh which allow easy passage of air without much resistance for proper standing of the trap for longer duration in the field
    • Four extra collection bottles are provided with the trap as an accessory. You may wish to carry collected insects in these bottles to a laboratory 

    Note: Please do not over pull or push the connectors, joints or assembly poles into the provisions given in the Malaise trap. Please read instructions and understand the procedure and pitfalls before attempting to install. Wrong or improper installation attempt may damage the product.