This device is invaluable for the rapid collection of biting and resting mosquitoes. Powered by two D-cell batteries, a small vacuum pulls the mosquito into a detachable tube. The respiratory hazards of mouth aspiration are eliminated. In a polluted situation this pooter has great advantages as it offers a clean way to suck up insects.


Specs Name



Flashlight body, Type 1 Style 2 2- D cell battery right angle ABS plastic with belt clipwater proof black in color

Collection Chamber

5 cm x 3 cm

Motor assembly

Model #RE-260RA-2670

Rubber stopper

Made of natural rubber (SBR) 28 mm top / 24 mm bottom with 25 mm in length and a 12 mm hole in center

Extension tube

12.7 cm 15.24 cm - 1.27 cm OD X.95 cm ID acrylic tube

Dimension of the handle

length x diameter => 200 x 49 mm

Dimension of suction tube

length x internal diameter => 153 x 9 mm

Dimension of collecting container

length x internal diameter => 50 x 28 mm


For accessories, missing parts and replacements please see here

For mosquito realted utilities and accessories, please visit here

Mechanical Aspirator LIA06

    • Less cumbersome and highly convenient
    • Whole day collection possible
    • Less tiring
    • Avoid swallowing of harmful chemicals and dust present in unknown surfaces
    • Clean way of sample collection
    • Very very useful in difficult reach areas and unhigenic walls or surfaces


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