Please do complete charge the aspirator before using for the first time. It may take 3-4 hrs. Please don't use fast charging adapters to charge the aspirator. Use 5-10W chargers.

Use of mechanical aspirator for collecting insects increases productivity and reduces fatigue of worker. It also protects worker or researcher from unwanted swallowing of pollens, dust, or other allergens are foreign particles while collecting insect samples. While there are two more mechanical aspirators are available with us, this one is unique in requirement of power to run the aspirator - i.e., through rechargeable battery integrated into the aspirator's base itself. The aspirator is powerful enough to suck any kind of insect and comes with the two aspirator straws, one is for bigger insects and another one is for smaller insects like whiteflies, aphids, jassids, mealybugs, lepidopteran insects etc.


1. Advanced than available mechanical aspirators

2. In-built LED light

3. In-built batteries so you don't need to carry heavy backup batteries or replace D-cell batteries frequently

4. Can charge using a mobile charger or by simply plug-in to the computer terminal

5. Battery (3.7V lithium battery) last longer on a single charge

6. LED indicator for charging level. LED blinks while charging and switched off automatically when battery fully charged

7. Small and handly. Simple to hold. No fatigue at all.

8. Sturdy and durable material. 1 year warranty on the aspirator collection straws LI-IR-20, LI-IR-21, LI-IR-22, LI-IR-23, LI-IR-29 and LI-IR-28 and 6 months on the aspirator's electronics


Working video please click here

Please visit our other INSECT PRO Model with speed control and reverse blow option.


We are not responsible for any damages or accidents that may occur while proper or improper use. Please use only as intended and never try to open, repair or attempt to modify the same. Attempt to do any other work voids not only the warranty, may also cause injuries to the persons. We are not responsible for any damages and or loss occur either to the things or to the persons while using our electronic items that includes insect traps and aspirators

INSECT PRO TM Mechanical Aspirator LI-IR-01

  • Charge the aspirator before use. It may take 3-4 hrs. The blinking LED light is indication of charging. The LED light switched off automatically indicating complition of charging.

    How to use:

    a) First, connect USB cable to charging port. Preferably 1A charger works fine. When the battery is fully charged, the LED light that has lit due to charging, is automatically flash several times and switched off. This indicates the battery is fully charged

    b) Each aspirator comes with two aspiration straws (A and B). Use narrow aspiration straw (B) when need powerful pointed suction, while using another one when bigger (A) insects like flies and lepidopteran insects need to be caught

    c) The charger has IN button to switch on the aspirator, while pressing LED button twice with a gap split second lit the LED on for viewing the insects in dark places

    d) Eigher gently tapping the aspirator A's surface or removing the straw B and blowing through HEPA filter release insects from the aspirator tubes


    Never toutch the aspirator with water

    Overcharging is avaoided. It takes around 3 hrs for fully charge the battery

    Keep in safe and cool place when not in use

    Should never attempt to repair on self or given for repair to an unauthorized person

    Any untowards incidents happened due to mishandling of the instrument apart from the said purpose is not company's responsibility. Causing damages, either to the operator, person working for repair, or to the instrument per se, while repair attempts by unauthorized representatives will void us giving any support. All opened items will be denied service outright without any further consideration.

    Use the instrument at your own risk. We have made the aspirator with all possible precautions to prevent damages or risks. In any circumstances and under any incident, company will not take any responsiblity. User should know safe working with electronic items.

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