The eggs collection papers are specially made paper for maximum holding of water for the safe collection and curation of mosquito eggs. The color of the paper is light-brown to dark-brown, and when contact with water it turns almost black in color. The mosquitoes have preferential behavior towards dark colors and this would facilitate attractant environment for the laying of eggs by mosquitoes. In addition to the dark in color, the paper has an undulating surface which provides a firm support to mosquito while laying eggs by providing surface to mosquitoes to position conveniently for oviposition.

These papers are useful for routine mosquito eggs collection in cyclic colony maintenance in insectaries. Keep the paper in our pure Black color bowl (these egg papers are conveniently cut to size to fit our bowls -ovitrap for mosquito collection LI-MR-04 -ready to use) which inturn lure mosquitoes to lay eggs preferentially.

Since paper is made of high density yet sufficiently loose material to hold more water compared with the generally used blotting or filter paper, ideal to use field installation of ovitraps. It is found that the paper remains turgid upto 6-8 hrs depending on prevailing weather conditions after complete evaporation of water in the bowl. These egg papers are ideal for maturing Aedes eggs since the water loss is slow, every even through time, which spreads through 6-12 hrs time mimics the natural environment.

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Mosquito Eggs Collection Paper LI-MR-03

  • Standard size of the paper is 12” W (30.48cm) X 18” L (45.0 cm). An Important parameter like pH, ash content, count hills, absorbancy etc are primary factors while sourcing the material. Standard packaging is a ream which consists of 60 papers costs you INR300. When purchased 5 reams, the exact cutting specifying the ovitrap can be done at free of the cost

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