Dimensions: L100 x W66 cm
Net Weight: 63 grams
Main Material: Netting | Nylon
Mesh Size: 104 x 94 | 300 μm aperture






Made of fine Nylon netting (104 x 94 mesh), these insect rearing bags are the simple solution for studying insects in-situ. Simply wrap this large bag over the branches with the target insects, then cinch the bag shut and tie the strings. Each bag has a zippered opening for easy access.


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Insect rearing bag (L100 x W66cm) DC3170

₹1,750.00 Regular Price
₹1,732.50Sale Price
    1. To study insect activity in-situ on plants/therein parts
    2. Can study ETL levels specific to particular part of the plant
    3. Resistance or tolerance of particular part of the plant
    4. To rear insects in-situ, for example, identified eggs on plant part can be covered with these bags for rearing in naturals
    5. To carry field collected sample-insects to laboratory for further studies
    6. To carry laboratory reared insects to field or greenhouse for releases
    7. many more....
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