Berlese Sampling

A Berlese funnel also known as Tullgren funnel or Berlese trap is a device that is used to extract insects from soil samples. It uses a heat source (in this case a light bulb) to dry the sample, forcing the insects through a screen and into a jar of preserving fluid. The Berlese funnels and Winker selectors are effective tools for separating leaf litter and humus from photophobic insects and arachnids, which generally favour humid environments. The traditional style of these extraction devices is often heavy (made of metal or thick canvas), bulky (unfoldable), inconvenient (use affected by accessibility to electricity), and time-consuming (when extracting specimens from a thick layer of the sample). These disadvantages become even more of a problem when conducting experiments in difficult terrain and remote areas. Our improved models with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have taken care of these issues in the design to offer the best possible convenience and experience to scientists to aid in their research.


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