Insect Rearing Cages(4F series)

The 4F series insect rearing cages have similar dimensions as 4S models have. The only difference from 4S series rearing cages is the fine mesh with 150x150 grids per square inch with 160 µm aperture grids. The cages could be used for rearing small insects like aphids, thrips or any other kinds of insects that have body sizes less than 1mm. These cages are recommended when entering of smaller insects inside the cage from outer environment is desired and there is no place for insects to hide inside the cage or to escape. These modular insect cage is very easy to assemble by simply connecting poles with splints. The front panel of insect rearing cage is of clear plastic for observing insect activity; the top and three side panels are of fine Nylon netting (150 x 150 mesh) for ventilation. There is a sleeve opening in the front panel for addition or removal of insects and for replacement of food material. A thin strip is sewn across the ceiling from which to suspend objects such as feeders.

The framework of insect cage is of lightweight fiberglass and constructed outside the enclosure. There are no places for insects to hide inside the cage.

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