Dimensions: W16 x H22 cm
Net Weight: 105 grams
Main Material: Plastic | PETE
Mesh Size: 104 x 94 | 300 μm aperture



The mini emergence trap / insect breeder provides a simple method for rearing insects, such as mosquito larvae, taken in the field. A water sample containing larvae is placed in the bottom container. Emerging adults will fly into top collection cup through the vinyl funnel. Nylon screen on top allows good ventilation. Collected adult insects can be remove easily using an aspirator.

NOTE: When assembling, push top collection cup against the inverse funnel until it sits firmly on funnel.

You can order metal mesh insted of nylon mesh in the top portion of the adult collector for the same price.

*Available in pack of 6. The discounted price is applicable when bought 12 units

For accessories, missing parts and replacements please see here

Mini Insect Breeder BD7001

₹862.00 Regular Price
₹775.80Sale Price

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