The BG-MTS is a newly engineered modular trapping system. Depending on it's configuration, it can be used similar to many different trap types such as the CDC light trap, the EVS trap, the BG-Sentinel trap, or the CDC gravid trap.


The BG-MTS trap provides outstanding advantages and unique features:



For accessories, missing parts and replacements please see here

  • Flexibility through modularity of the trap can be configurated to operate in multiple formats. Please see the brochure
  • High catch rates compared to CDC ligth traps
  • Ligth weight and easy to carry
  • Can incorporate lure into the trap to catch many more mosquitoes compared to other available tools
  • Ventilator: less power consumption, less damage
  • Control and monitoring
  • Comes with Powerbank which could be used to run the trap
  • Works on the same patented principle as BG Sentinel trap


BG MTS Mosquito Trap -BGMTS

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