The BG-CDC-style is a newly engineered modular trapping system. Depending on it's configuration, it can be used similar to many different trap types such as the CDC light trap, the CDC-style trap, the BG-Sentinel trap, or the CDC gravid trap.


The BG-CDC-style trap provides outstanding advantages and unique features:

For accessories, missing parts and replacements please see here

  • Flexibility through modularity of the trap can be configurated to operate in multiple formats. Please see the brochure
  • High catch rates compared to CDC-style ligth traps
  • Ligth weight and easy to carry
  • Can incorporate lure into the trap to catch many more mosquitoes compared to other available tools
  • Ventilator: less power consumption, less damage
  • Control and monitoring
  • Works on the same patented principle as BG Sentinel trap


Contents:1 Complete trap set without UV accessory, CO2 accessories, and powerbank or a battery.

Please download here installation mannual here. Please note that you will not all of the material that has been shown in the instruction mannual along with the standard trap. You would need to buy separately many of the accessories from the standard supply based on the need.

Biogents CDC Style Mosquito Trap - LI-MR-133


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    We don’t have any products to show right now.

    We don’t have any products to show right now.

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