Ento Strainer kit LI-IR-84
Ento Strainer kit LI-IR-84
Ento Strainer kit LI-IR-84

Ento Strainer kit LI-IR-84

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Strainer to separate insects of various sizes from litter
Installation Instructions
1. Thread one fiberglass rod into each of the 12 sleeves of the cage. 2. Connect each of the fiberglass pole to the three-way ABS connector Black Color provided in the packet. 3. Once properly installed, the cage should be visually equal in all sides dimensions. This can be checked by placing the installed cage on a flat surface. A properly installed Cage should not wobble or shaky when disturbed.
Care Instructions
You may wash the cage in a mild soap water or in a shampoo water. Do not use harsh chemicals for sterilization. Or you may slightly rub the cage or tent with sponge + water or shampoo. Rinse the cage in running tap water do not twist the cage and air dry.
1. Do never attempt to dismantle the cage forcefully when the poles are tightly locked to the 3-way connector. Instead find a loose-end to remove the 3-way connector. 2. Operating temperature of the cage: -10 to 60 C 3. When trying to take the assembled tent/cage apart, you may find a few poles locked to the connector. DO NOT FORCE THEM APART or you may rip the seam and damage the cage/tent completely. Instead, try finding a looser connection elsewhere in the cage or connector. Please call us if you have any issues in dismantling the cage. Please never attempt to remove the tightly locked connector poles forcefully, which may damage the cage.
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Product Details

The screen is made of high quality, 304 grade, certified wire mesh for perfect screening. The side rim is made of brass which is known to resist the water. The mesh is machine inserted into the rim and the sides are plastered with the plastic gum for closing the contact point to reject the possibility of hiding immatures larvae.

The 4 and 2mm screens are used to clear the large debries from larval samples. 250µm tiny enough to screen insects upto 2nd instar larvae and 63 µm is enough to screen all of the 1st instar to new bornes. The kit has one unit of each one of the item as a pack. These screens are to be stalked for easy screening the larvae.

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