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Battery charger Auto cut-off for light traps - LI-MR-19
Battery charger Auto cut-off for light traps - LI-MR-19
Battery charger Auto cut-off for light traps - LI-MR-19
Battery charger Auto cut-off for light traps - LI-MR-19
Battery charger Auto cut-off for light traps - LI-MR-19

Battery charger Auto cut-off for light traps

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Battery charger for 12v and 6v batteries. At a time, a single battery can only be charged. A 12v and 6v battery may requires up to ~ 8 ~4 hrs. For other multiple battery charger please visit here . For Safety instructions, please watch this video . For woking video of this unit, please visit here
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Two options available: Manual (check here) and auto cut-off chargers. The manual chargers are need to be monitored and should be switched off after charging the batteries to stop batteries overcharging. Usually it takes 8-10hrs of charging time. The auto-cut off will switch of the power supply to the battery automatically after fully charging the batteries. The manual unit comes with an adaptor feature also which can be used to power the light traps with AC power in the absence of DC power (More information please visit this link).

1. The unit comes with one pair of battery connecting terminals and one USB output. The USB output socket has 5v and 1amps or 5w. This can be used to charge Mobile or any other electronic appliances that require 5v input.
2. Connect two 6v discharged batteries in parallel for two hours to normalize power between the batteries before attempting to charge them. This step is not require when charing a12v battery. Connect Red to Red, and Black to Black of the two discharged two 6v batteries to even out the internal current. This prolongs the batteries life as the charger send the power between two 6v batteries equally
3. In sequence; (a) first check the charging unit is not connected to the main source (b) check individual port controller switch is in OFF position (c) connect discharged batteries one number of 12v battery or two numbers of 6v batteries (step 2 is necessary to prepare the discharged 6v batteries while readying them for charging) is connected to the port (d) select the power between 0.5 or 1.0 or 1.5 amps to initiate the charging (e) power on controller situated behind the charging unit  (f) make sure only the charging points that are engaged in charging in ON position. 
4. The unit will switched off automatically when the connected batteries are fully charged. External indication is provided.
5. Charge 8hrs at 1.0 amps current position to power up the cyclic use batteries

(A) Don't operate the instrument before reading the instructions, observing the pictures and watching the video supplied with the instructions. NEVER ATTEMPT TO USE THE INSTRUMENT IN HASTE WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING IT
(B) Keep safety on priority above all exigencies or priorities
(C) Kindly understand general things about charging the batteries and how the series and parallel connection works
(D) We recommend to use the charger during office hours for safety and security. Since it takes 8hrs to power up the batteries proper planning is helpful to charge the batteries safely

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