Aspirator HB8 Type BA6002

Aspirator HB8mm Type BA6002

Aspirator HB8 (8mm pick up straw) HSN 3923 Specs: Main Material: Plastic/Polystyrene|Pooter Style: Blowing-type/H-shape USP: HB-type aspirators decrease risk of swallowing hazardous particles by blowing air into aspirator with a hand-held syringe bulb instead of sucking air from aspirator. Note: Please consider to purchase 6mm aspirator for the smaller insects and 8mm for the medium size and 12mm for the bigger insects. Small (less than 1mm), medium(1-2mm), large (more than2mm) could be designed both by weight and dimensions. Since bigger insects require increased pressure to suck the insect while smaller insects require relatively less pressure to suck the insects this recommendation might help you choose the right product. Contents: Each model, either 6 or 8 mm, you will receive additional componets for converting them to 12mm aspirator i.e, one couple and 2 aspiration straws. So the 6mm aspirator can be used as 12mm aspirator also.ø8-mm-pick-up-straw
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Dimensions: 8 mm pick-up straw

Net Weight: 135 grams

Main Material: Plastic | Polystyrene

Pooter Style: Blowing-type | H-shape

Uses: to collect medium sized insects. The aspirator has 8mm dia straw to collect insects.

Precaution: Sometimes you might see more dead insects in the collections. You need to press the yellow silicone bulb bit less to exert less pressure at the tip of the collection straw. 


To draw insects into the collecting chamber, most aspirators or pooters are designed to suck air through mouth to create negative pressure. Some insects, such as ants and beetles, can emit particles harmful to the human. There are also situations when insects are to be collected from feces or carcasses or from dusty places. Our HB-type aspirators decrease risk of swallowing hazardous particles by allowing insect collections semi-automatically. This bulb operated aspirator eliminates mouth sucking of insects. For more details, please check video instructions.

A total of four vials, two numbers each of the DP0036, DP0079-5 are included for insect collecting and insect storing use.

For accessories, missing parts and replacements please see here

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