Aspirator Blowing Kit with dia 8/10 mm Silicon Tubing BA0001

Aspirator Blowing Kit with various dia 6, 9 and 11mm Silicon Tubing

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The blowing kit can be attached to any manual mouth sucking aspirators to convert them into semi-mechanical pooters. The one end of the silicone tube of the blowing kit is attached to the mouthpiece of manual aspirator. Upon pressing the yellow bulb of the blowing kit, the negative pressure is created at the tip of the aspirator which sucks the insects similar to mouth sucking. Great tool to reduce fatigue due to mouth sucking of insects.
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Dimensions: dia 6/dia 8 mm silicon tubing
Net Weight: 90 grams
Main Material: Silicon


To draw insects into the collecting chamber, most aspirators or pooters are designed so the user must suck air to create negative pressure. Some insects, such as ants and beetles, can emit particles harmful to the human body. There are also cases when desired insects are collected from feces or carcasses. To decrease risk of accidental ingestion of hazardous particles, our blowing kit transforms most intake-type aspirators into blow-type aspirators where air is blown into the aspirator with a hand-held syringe bulb.

To draw insects into the collecting chamber efficiently using this blowing kit, you should squeeze the syringe bulb brief and strong to create sufficient negative air pressure.

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