GE�۪s Whatman Polycap AS (Aqueous Solution) combines a nylon membrane filter and glass microfiber (GMF) prefilter for a long lifetime device that can filter large volumes of even difficult, particulate-laden samples.

  • First layer (GMF) acts as a prefilter to ensure longer membrane (0.2, 0.45, and 1.0 �m) life and higher filtration efficiency.
  • Nylon membrane filter layer is inherently hydrophilic, has low extractables, is biosafe, and has excellent flow rates
  • Polypropylene housing is thermally fused (no glues, adhesives, or extraneous materials), reducing extractable levels
  • Can be tested with bubble point, pressure decay, or forward flow methods
  • Available in presterilized and nonsterile (autoclavable) versions
  • Manufactured according to ISO9001:2008 QMS standards

Whatman capsule filters from GE Healthcare�۪s Life Sciences business are available for a variety of applications.


Polycap AS for aqueous solutions

Polycap AS are Whatman capsule filters specifically designed for high-volume filtration of aqueous sample solutions in a compact size. With a nylon membrane filter and GMF prefilter, these filters have a long usable life.

Looking for a filter paper, membrane filter, or syringe filter?

Whatman Polycap AS

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