Dimensions: 8 mm pick-up straw
Net Weight: 60 grams
Main Material: Plastic | Polystyrene
Pooter Style: Inhaling-type | T-shape


Filter at air-exhaust side of insect collecting compartment decreases risk of swallowing hazardous particles and reduces air pressure damage to insects. T-shape insect collecting compartment provides a comfortable way to hold the aspirator for field as well as laboratory collection of insects.

Four vials (DP0079-5 and DP0101-2) are included for insect collecting and insect storing use. Vial DP0101-1 is also compatible, which is not included in the package.


Recommendation: You may also convert this mouth sucking aspirator into semi-automatic by attaching suction bulb externally.

T8 Aspirator w/8 mm Pick-up Straw BA2002

₹1,750.00 Regular Price
₹1,487.50Sale Price
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