Dimensions: L60 x W60 x H60 cm
Net Weight: 380 grams
Main Material: Netting | Polyester
Mesh Size: 108 x 32 | 470 um aperture




This headless emergence trap is a simplified version of our soil emergence traps. Instead of collecting bottles, it has a small loop sewn on ceiling from which to suspend objects, such as a tray or sticky trap.



The front panel of the headless emergence trap is of clear plastic for observation of insect activity; the three side panels are of white Polyester netting (108 x 32 mesh) for ventilation. The headless emergence trap has two openings: a 18-cm sleeve opening in the clear panel for removal of insects and a large dome-shaped zipper opening in the opposite mesh panel for easy access to inside.


Headless emergence trap is floorless. Like the amphibious emergence trap, the headless emergence trap has flaps around the base that can be covered with soil to keep insects inside. Loops at each corner are for tent pegs (not included) needed to stake down the trap in windy conditions.



Improvise a insect rearing tent by staking over plants.


Soil Emergence Trap - Headless BT2007

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