Serum and sample tubes proves to be excellent while handling & processing small volume of samples.

These tubes are build from high quality PP and have silicon ring  in cap which ensures leak proof operation.



  • Leak Proof
  • Self Standing
  • Silicon Ring for complete seal
  • Excellent quality PP Body and PE cap

Serum & Sample Cryogenic Vials

  • Serum & sample storage vials


    Cat. No. Capacity Packing Price Each Price/Pack
    MCSST005 0.5ml 500/Bag, 1000/Pack 6.5 6500
    MCSST105 0.5ml Gamma Sterile 500/Bag, 1000/Pack 6.9 6900
    MCSST010 1.0ml 500/Bag, 1000/Pack 6.4 6400
    MCSST110 1.0ml Gamma Sterile 500/Bag, 1000/Pack 6.8 6800
    MCSST015 1.5ml 500/Bag, 1000/Pack 6.4 6400
    MCSST115 1.5ml Gamma Sterile 500/Bag, 1000/Pack 6.8 6800
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