EZ-Pierce films are easily pierceable by pipette tips for sample recovery. Zone-FreeTM films feature adhesive-free top layer with a inert white polypropylene/adhesive sublayer. The easy-piercing top layer allows direct sample recovery with pipette tips without adhesive fouling and minimizes adhesive contact with samples.

X-PierceTM films are designed for temporary protection of samples in multiwell plates. Precut ���X�۝ over each well creates four flaps that easily bend downward when pushed by pipette tip allowing sample access without adhesive fouling. The flaps return to their original position after sampling for continued protection. 

Pierceable Sealing Films (For General Applications)

  • Cat. No. Description Packing Price/Pack
    MCEZP1000 EZ Pierce Films Sterile 50Pcs./Pack 5000
    MCXZF1000 Zone Free Films Sterile 50Pcs./Pack 10500
    MCXPF1000 X-pierce Films Sterile 100Pcs./Pack 9500

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