Square Petri dishes are manufactured from high quality polystyrene which ensures high clarity. It has smooth, uniform wall and bottom thickness.

Size : 100 X 100 X 15mm


  • High clarity
  • Different growth area plates are available
  • Uniform walls and bottom area
  • Ethylene oxide sterile (ETO Sterile)
  • Gamma irradiation sterile
  • Certified Dnase/Rnase free
  • Non-pyrogenic

Petri Dish (Square, sterile)

  • Square petri dish:


    Cat. No. Description Packing Price/Pack Price / 6 Packs
    MCPDSQ2 Petri Dish Square Individual Pack, ETO Sterile 150 6150 35977
    MCPDSQ1 Petri Dish Square Individual Pack, Gamma Sterile 150 6595 38580
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