For collection of mosquitoes from field using dipper. The strainer to strain the debris, water drawers to separate larvae, water resistant torch to light the dark waters, pure white larval trays for easy viewing and cups for holding the collected larvae



Contents of the kit:


This kit is an assortment of tools for larval sampling neatly organized in a durable bright yellow toolbox.  

Tools and accessories in the kit are:



  • dipper with telescoping handle -1
  • sieve set for debris separation and larvae concentration - 3
  • (2) 250 ml sample jars - 2
  • permanent marker pen (wipes clean with isopropyl alchohol) -1
  • 500 ml wash bottle -1 
  • waterproof flashlight -1 
  • waterproof notepad - 1
  • large aquatic pipette (50 ml) -1 
  • (3) small aquatic pipettes (3 ml) -3
  • gloves -2

For accessories, missing parts and replacements please see here



Mosquito Larval Collection Complete Kit-LIA04

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