Mosquito Aspirator with a dust or HEPA Filte. The length of a collection tube is about 30cm and the diameter is 12mm. The collection tube is straight and is recommended for laboratory and field collections.

*Minimum ordered quantity 3 units

The final product supplied may have variations in aspirator mouth piece or joint units as we intend to improve the items continuosly.

Mosquito Aspirator w/ HEPA Filter L30cm x Dia12mm Acrylic Tube Straight LI-MR-37

₹750.00 Regular Price
₹697.50Sale Price
  • We recommend this aspirator for laboratory as well as field collections. Since the opening of the tube is 12mm it is sufficient to point individual mosquitoes in the lab and point sufficiently to collect in the field. Bended tube is more suitable for field collections as crevices, hidden and uneven or curved surfaces are easily accessed using beded tubing. 

    Please note that aspirators with the HEPA or dust filter will have to be used with extra force to suck the insects.

    For other variations of mosquito aspirators, please visit here

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