This model works best for working with insects in insectary. Since the collection tube is mere 20cm long it gives immense flexibility and comfirt to the working professional to collect and count the insects.


The Standard Mouth Aspirator features a 12 inch long boro glass tube with 1.5cm or 15mm opening. The suction tubing is made of synthetic silicone (medical or pharma grade), and comes with a polypropylene mouthpiece.

The HEPA filter at the base of the 12 inch tube collects the insects and is placed sufficiently forward on the tubing so you can easily see what has been collected. The screen is supported by a machined insert which allows the screen to be replaceable.

As we try to improve the items on continuous basis, the pictures shown above may not truly represent the improved product that is being supplied at the time of ordering

* Mininum ordered quantity 3. The list price is for one unit. 


For accessories, missing parts and replacements please see here

Mosquito Aspirator w/ HEPA Filter 20cm LI.MR.28

₹800.00 Regular Price
₹744.00Sale Price
    • Easily aspirate mosquitoes and sandflies in the lab & field.
    • The clearly visible built-in screen collects the insects.
    • Easy to carry and safe to operate.
  • We recommend to use mechanical aspirator for fatigue free, efficient and productive work. Please click here to know more about the product.

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