• Volts: 6.30
  • Watts: 0.95
  • Amps: 0.150 or 150mamps
  • Bulb Shape: T3.25
  • Shape: Bayonet Miniature


Miniature ligth bulb for imported CDC light traps of any make. The item comes in a pack of 10 units. It can hold upto 6v. It can be used with 4-6v battery however the full brighness or luminescence achieved only when used with 6v battery. Never use beyong 6v to light up the bulb else you'll fuseout the bulb. For other replacements and accessories for light traps and mosquito research please use search option or go Entomological Accessories section.

Note: The minimum order quantity for this item is 1 pack i.e. 10 bulbs.

Miniature Bulb for CDC Light Trap LI-MR-33