Moxcare Benchtop Mini Coolers maintains freezer temperature during frost-free cycles, power failures and accidental door openings. These Coolers Protect enzymes, cells, reagents and solutions by maintaining freezer temperatures. Freeze the Mini cooler at -2C to -10C for 24 Hours Before Use.


  • High Quality PP Material
  • Sturdy & Rigid Construction
  • Clear Transparent Lid
  • Single Box for Multiple Tubes
  • Holds 1.5ml - 30 Tubes, 0.5ml - 12 Tubes, 0.2ml - 12 Tubes
  • Available in 2 formats - ICE Box Only - Gel filled ICE Box 

Mini coolers (Bench top)

  • Minicooler Bench top

    Cat. No. Description Packing Price/Pack
    MCIB001 Mini Cooler, Ice Box 4 1600
    MCIBG01 Mini Cooler, Gel Filled Ice Box 2 2200
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