We have comprehensive range of filters available for various laboraotry needs. Our range of filters include Polyethersulfone (PES), Nylon, Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE), PFTE, Cellulose acetate (CA), Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PF). This makes a complete range of filter types that are commonly used for molecular biological works. 


Nylon: Nylon membranes are suitable for �ltering aqueous solutions and most organic solvents. Nylon membranes are most versatile in nature which offers wide range of biological preparations and can be used where other membranes are unsuitable or difficult to use. Nylon membranes are hydrophilic, eliminating the need for wetting agents that could be extracted when �ltering aqueous solutions. Nylon membranes  are ���exible, durable and tear resistant, and can be autoclaved at 121�C

PTFE: PTFE membranes are suitable for preparing samples for HPLC analysis. PTFE is hydrophobic in nature and is best to use with the aggressive solvents, liquids and gases that can attack other membranes. It is resistant to most acids, alkalis and solvents. The membrane  is  laminated  onto  a  non-woven  polypropylene  support  web  for  improved strength and handling and can be used at temperatures up to 150�C

PES:  Polyethersulfone  (PES)  membranes  are  hydrophilic,  low  protein  binding  and stable in alkaline pH. PES membrane is recommended for aqueous applications and for biological samples. They are also an alternative choice for users requiring a �lter that exhibits extremely low protein binding characteristics

CA Cellulose acetate: CA membranes choice for sterile filtration of aqueous solutions, such as nutrient media, bu ers and sera. CA membrane o ers high ow rates and thermal stability with very low adsorption characteristics and are therefore excellently suited for use in pressure filtration devices

MCE Mixed Cellulose Ester: MCE membrane filters are modified to o er the lowest binding filters available. Its unique strength, Uniform Pore Structure and extremely low binding characteristics, MCE membranes are ideal for protein and enzyme filtrations, tissue culture media sterilization, cold sterilization, biological uid filtration and other filtration applications where maximum recovery of proteins is critical 

PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride): PVDF membranes are commonly used in a variety of general filtration and sample preparation applications. Hydrophilic PVDF membrane o ers ultra low binding properties, broad chemical and temperature resistance, and high ow rates is an excellent choice. Recommended for using in applications such as multi-plexed bead-based assays, the filtration of dilute protein sample, cold and hot water for in ection (WFI), chemicals, aggressive solvents and sanitizing agents. The chemical compatibility of the membrane includes aggressive acids and alcohols making it useful for the filtration of both aggressive and non- aggressive solvent-based mobile phases 

Membrane Filters

  • Cat. No. Membrane Dia Pore Size Sterile Packing Price/Pack
    MCMFMCE4745 MCE 47mm 0.45um N 100 1568
    MCMFMCE4722 MCE 47mm 0.22um N 100 1568
    MCMFCA4745 CA 47mm 0.45um N 100 2891
    MCMFCA4722 CA 47mm 0.22um N 100 2891
    MCMFN64745 Nylon6 47mm 0.45um N 100 3920
    MCMFN64722 Nylon7 47mm 0.22um N 100 3920
    MCMFN664745 Nylon66 47mm 0.45um N 100 8036
    MCMFN664722 Nylon67 47mm 0.22um N 100 8036
    MCMFPES4745 PES 47mm 0.45um N 100 6027
    MCMFPES4722 PES 47mm 0.22um N 100 6027
    MCMFPTFE4745 PTFE 47mm 0.45um N 100 6066
    MCMFPTFE4722 PTFE 47mm 0.22um N 100 6066
    MCMFPVDF4745 PVDF 47mm 0.45um N 100 6125
    MCMFPVDF4722 PVDF 47mm 0.22um N 100 6125
    MCMFCA4745-1 CA 47mm 0.45um Y 200 8330
    MCMFCA4722-1 CA 47mm 0.22um Y 200 8330
    MCMFN64745-1 Nylon6 47mm 0.45um Y 200 8330
    MCMFN64722-1 Nylon7 47mm 0.22um Y 200 8330
    MCMFPES4745-1 PES 47mm 0.45um Y 200 14210
    MCMFPES4722-1 PES 47mm 0.22um Y 200 14210
    MCMFPTFE4745-1 PTFE 47mm 0.45um Y 200 14210
    MCMFPTFE4722-1 PTFE 47mm 0.22um Y 200 14210
    MCMFPVDF4745-1 PVDF 47mm 0.45um Y 200 14210
    MCMFPVDF4722-1 PVDF 47mm 0.22um Y 200 14210
  • Classic Insect Collection Net - LI-IR-53


  • Insect Aspirator w/ HEPA Filter L35cm x Dia 14.5 mm Acrylic Straight - LI-MR-48


  • Larval Collection ABS Dipper w/ Telescopic Handle (3-seg with L53-10) - LI-MR-25


  • Insect Rearing Tent 2400S


  • Insect Collection Net (3-sect., L53-107 cm, 42cm dia) - DML0056-42-3


  • Classic Insect Collection Net - LI-IR-53


  • INSECT PRO TM Mechanical Aspirator LI-IR-01


  • Insect Rearing Cage 6e610


  • Mosquito Aspirator W/ HEPA Filter L30cm x Dia14.5mm Acrylic Tube Bended LI-MR-35


  • Biogents CDC Style Mosquito Trap - LI-MR-133


  • Larval Collection ABS Dipper w/ Telescopic Handle (3-seg with L53-10) - LI-MR-25


  • Larval Collection Enamel Dipper w/ 3-Step Telescopic Handle - LI-MR-24


  • Larval Collection Enamel Dipper Fixed Handle - LI-MR-23


  • Mosquito rearing cages DP1000b


  • Mosquito rearing cages DP1000


  • Insect Rearing Cage 4S1515


  • Improved Mosquito Aspirator with Collection Chamber - LI-MR-49


  • Insect Rearing Cage - 6M610


  • Improved Mosquito Aspirator with Collection Chamber - LI-MR-49


  • CDC Fay-Prince Trap


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