The larval pipettes are made of PP-LD and are perfect way to transfer 1st instar to pupae larvae. They are clean and transparent so you could see the left over larvae in the pipette and there are no chances of cross contamination in insectary where different species or strains of mosquitoes are being grown in a lab. Further, these are available in sterile form so when colony purification is being conducted for eliminating baterial or fungal contamination, you could very well use these sterile pipettes until purification process completed. They can be used in multiple instances in the laboraotry to tansfer liquids to cotton for example the amino-acids infused sugar solution for feeding adult mosquitoes.


  • Uniform drop size
  • Quick and safe
  • LDPE material
  • Non-sterile, as well as sterile available
  • Certified Rnase, Dnase free (optional choice to choose)

Larval Pipettes For All Instars and Pupae (3ml) - LI-MR-02

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