Larval dipper for mosquito larval collections. Made of high quality ABS plastic with wide mouth angle for snug fit with aluminum handle. The pure white color background of the dipper makes it easy to view the collections for further sampling. The handle is made of aluminum alloy and is of 3-seg with L53-107 cm variable long handle.

Both the larval dipper and the telescopic handle are available for purchase. Please visit accessories link for more details.

Larval Collection ABS Dipper w/ Telescopic Handle (3-seg with L53-10) - LI-MR-25

  • 1. Use the laddle gently. Do not hit or force bend the laddle for collecting samples

    2. Use clock and anti-clockwise rotation of poles to fix handles at desired length while using dippers with telescopic handles 

    3. Use first step pole which is immediate to the collection bowl to get a desired length. Use hand held pole at the last while fixing the laddle at desired length.

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