The general insect storage cabinet is made to store 12-24 boxes of insect display or insect storage boxes. The dimensions of the box is 4�۪ x 22�۝ x 42". The design of the storage cabinet is such that any box out of 24 is taken out without needing to disturb other boxes. The boxes can be taken out of the cabinet completely to use to pin fresh collection and can be refitted into the storage cabinet. The cabinet is made of duly cured teak wood to protect from possible termite infestation and proper care has been taken to prevent any such future attach by treating the cabinet�۪s wood with fipronil or Agenda 25 EC. The inner and outer surfaces has been treated with pyrethroids to avoid possible ants or any other crawling insects attack on to the preserved insects. For easy and convenient piercing the inner box surface lined with EVA sheet.


For accessories, missing parts and replacements please see here


Insect Storage Cabinet

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