Insect container for plant - insect interactions or any other purpose as envisaged. The great quality lid with sandwitch couple rings makes the container tight and can't be separated from the container in the event of accidental fall.

The 960ml capacity insect containers are ideal to rear obligate insects or to conduct bioassays on large insects. This is the largest size container available with us with a snap-lock lid with an option to replace the aeration net. The aeration net is sandwiched between two plastic rings so upon tight pressing you can release the net to replace the soil or damaged net. 

It is also ideal to study insect to insect interactions, colony behavior or you can study insect to plant relationships. You may also wish these containers to study resistance or tolerance part of the plant by specificially feeding insects on the plant part of interested variety or cultivar.

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12-50 - INR427

50-150 - INR411

Please see that there are other varitions of these rearing containers available  i.e., 240ml, 360ml, 480ml, and 760 capacity.

Minimum ordered quantity MOQ - 6 units

Insect container 960ml - LI-IR-39

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    1. Mosquito Larval Bio Assays
    2. Carrying adult mosquitoes and insects in general
    3. Mosquito rearing (new mosquito colony estabilshemnt)
    4. Conducting entomological bioassay studies on live plant material in-situ
    5. Field collection and carry of insects' samples
    6. Rearing and maintenace of small insect colonies that are fastediously grow on live-plants