Insect Net Handle DM0056-3 (aluminum, 4-sect., L61-141 cm, 30 cm dia insect sweeping net)

Specs: 4-section | L61-141 cm | Weight: 170 grams | Material: Aluminum Alloy | Connector Type: 5/16” female & DM0052-30 (Net ring SS) dia30 cm | Weight: 70 grams | Material: Stainless Steel | Connector Type: 5/16" male & DC0006-30 (Net) dia30 cm | Weight: 40 grams | Material: Plastic | Nylon Sheet | Mesh: 104 x 94 | 300 um aperture

Insect Collection Net (3-sect., L53-107 cm, 30cm dia) - DML0056-30-3

  • The individual parts of these sweeping nets are available with us. You may buy only the damaged part of the net or extra replacement nets or lengthy aluminum poles with more sections for extending catching capabilities of the sweeping net or you may wish to buy only the metal rings with varied dimentions to use them with existing extension poles

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