The gloves dispensor boxes are made of high quality acrylic plastic. The glove boxes fit comfirtably into the dispensor box and are the most convenient way to arrange gloves boxes in the labs.




  • Wall hanging design
  • Made from high quality acrylic
  • Available in 1 place or 2 place or 3 place format
  • Color of the box is clear and transparant


Please note that the design of the box might vary slightly since we incorporate suggestions received from our esteemed customers time to time.


Gloves Dispenser

  • Cat. No. Description Packing Price/Pack
    MCGD001 Glove Dispenser 1 Place 1 790
    MCGD002 Glove Dispenser 2 Place 1 1285
    MCGD003 Glove Dispenser 3 Place 1 1680
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