Dimensions: L180 x W180 x H176 cm
Net Weight: 2.75 kilograms
Main Material: Netting | Polyester
Mesh Size: 96 x 26 | 680 �m aperture


Some entomologists found that east facing collecting heads of classical Malaise trap filled in the morning and western facing collecting heads filled in the afternoon. Therefore, they compromised by having the collecting head face south.

The ez-Migration trap (aka 2-headed Malaise trap) comes with two collecting bottles: one on each end of the trap. Insects intercepted on each side of center panel are collected separately by the ez-Migration trap. This not only makes trap orientation less of a concern, but it also helps identify insect flight direction.

Fast & Easy - Set Up ez-Migration Trap in Minutes!

As easy to assemble as our ez-Malaise traps, the ez-Migration trap uses a framework of shock-corded poles to allow quick installation. Simply hook clips around provided poles. The ez-Migration trap is nearly freestanding, requiring a minimum of two guy ropes. This feature is lifesaving when deploying traps where there are no trees nearby. It also allows the ez-Migration trap be used as a short-term sampling tool since repositioning the trap is very easy.

ez-Migration trap BT1003


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