Dimensions: L165 x W180 x H180 cm
Net Weight: 2.07 kilograms
Main Material: Netting | Polyester
Mesh Size: 96 x 26 | 680 um aperture

Installation: Download instructions





One advantage of the Malaise trap is that it efficiently catches flying insects such as Hymenoptera and Diptera. Since it does not, by itself, attract insects, placement of a Malaise trap can significantly affect the number of insects caught. This Townes-style ez-Malaise trap is for scientists experienced with the hassles of setting up a Malaise trap when the ideal location has no trees to supply support.


Fast & Easy - Set Up ez-Malaise Trap in Minutes!


Of the same dimensions as our traditional Malaise trap, the ez-Malaise trap is improved by the addition of a framework of shock-corded poles, permitting quick installation. Simply hook clips onto provided poles. The ez-Malaise trap is nearly freestanding, requiring a minimum of two guy ropes. This timesaving feature is a lifesaver for those who need to deploy many Malaise traps in habitats where trees and bushes are hard to reach.


The Malaise trap is often viewed as a long-term sampling tool. Since this ez-Malaise trap is so easy to assemble, it can be repositioned anytime and used on a short-term basis.


If necessary, the ez-Malaise trap can be set up without provided poles. It comes with all the loops needed for traditional installation: supported with poles or hanging from trees.


ez-Malaise Trap BT1002

  • Package Contents:

    1 ez-Malaise Trap | 1 short shock-corded pole | 1 long shock-corded pole | 1 bottle connecting ring | 3 collecting bottles | 7 guy ropes | 14 tent pegs | 1 carry bag


    • Assemble poles. Make sure ends are completely seated in joints
    • Push ends of long pole into pockets of taller end of ez-Malaise Trap Careful: Do not over bend the pole
    • Clip hooks around pole. Take care to maintain gentle curve in pole
    • Repeat steps 2-3 with short pole and lower end of ez-malaise trap
    • Stake out guy ropes from top of both ends of ez-malaise trap to make it stand
    • Stake base of ez-malaise trap, especially at the ends of poles
    • Stake out rest of guy ropes as illustrated in the diagram if necessary
    • Remove moth excluder from collecting head entrance if not needed
    • Additional guy points are sewn into ez-Malaise trap fro use in wind

    Note: Please do not over pull or push the connectors, joints or assembly poles into the provisions given in the ez-Malaise trap. Please read instructions and understand the procedure and pitfalls before attempting to install. Wrong or improper installation attempt may damage the product. www.labitems.co.in

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