Dimensions: L12 cm

Main Material: Stainless Steel



Entomological Forcep - length 12.5 cm and has a wide shape at the front. These types for tweezers may be used to hold thick insects like caterpillars or simile. Please look into the pictures given in the link below for any concerns. Price is for a single unit only. 

High quality forceps for insect and other biological work. Different models are available for differnt purposes. For the shape, size and tip head details please refer to the above pictures. Of flexible stainless steel, these featherweight forceps will not crush fragile insects and are ideal for specimen handling. 


Note: Available only in pack of 3. The listed cost is per unit.

Prodcut pricing for either single type or combination of any of the five types of forceps:

1 - 2 -> INR 195/forcep

3-5 -> INR 135/forcep

6-10 -> INR 95/forcep

Entomological Forceps - 12.5cm with Round Wide Blunt Tip LIEA-05

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