Cryogenic vials are manufactured from special grade virgin polypropylene to withstand temperatures to ���196�C. These Vials fulfills all International Standards in terms of quality and performance. Our Cryovials are External screw cap reduces risk of contamination from handling. 
Warning: Do not use Cryo vials for storage in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen. 



  • Compatible upto -196�C
  • Leak Proof
  • Self Standing
  • Available Gamma Sterilized New HP Silicon Ring for complete seal
  • Certified Dnase Rnase Free
  • Non Pyrogenic 

Cryogenic vials

  • Cryogenic vials for storage of samples


    Cat. No. Capacity Packing Price/Pack
    MCCRVI01 Cryovial 1ml Internal thread 1000 9000
    MCCRVI11 Cryovial 1ml Internal thread, Gamma sterile 1000 9450
    MCCRVE01 Cryovial 1ml External thread 1000 8900
    MCCRVE11 Cryovial 1ml External thread, Gamma sterile 1000 9350
    MCCRVI02 Cryovial 2ml Internal thread 1000 9500
    MCCRVI12 Cryovial 2ml Internal thread, Gamma sterile 1000 9950
    MCCRVE02 Cryovial 2ml External thread 1000 9400
    MCCRVE12 Cryovial 2ml External thread , Gamma Sterile 1000 9850
    MCCRVI05 Cryovial 5ml Internal thread 500 7200
    MCCRVI15 Cryovial 5ml Internal thread, Gamma Sterile 500 8100
    MCCRVE05 Cryovial 5ml External thread 500 6650
    MCCRVE15 Cryovial 5ml External thread, Gamma Sterile 500 7550
    MCCRCPI Cryo Coders 1000 1450
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