Cryo Aprons Protect your body when working with liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic hazards. These aprons have multi layer insulation designed to provide protection to the body parts from the hazards encountered when working with ultra cold, -180C. They are light weight, flexible, durable, clean are very comfortable to wear for extended periods, and are extremely warm. 

Application areas:

  • Cold room / Walking Freezer Blast Freezers
  • Delivery and Filling of Cryogenic Liquid

Working environment:

  • Environment
  • Cryo Preservation Facilities Cryogenic liquid producers Clinical Lab
  • Bio Medical
  • Blood Banks
  • Frozen Food Processing 

Cryo Apron

  • Cat. No. Description Packing Price/Pack Price/6 Packs
    MCCG032M EMROS Cryo Gloves, Wrist, Medium 1 9975 58353
    MCCG032L EMROS Cryo Gloves, Wrist, Large 1 9975 58353
    MCCG038M EMROS Cryo Gloves, Mid Arm, Medium 1 11500 67275
    MCCG038L EMROS Cryo Gloves, Mid Arm, Large 1 11500 67275
    MCCG0048 EMROS Cryo Gloves, Elbow 1 14500 84825
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