CO2 Upgrade Set (Supplementary to the Basic BG Trap)

Carbon dioxide is one of the most important attractants for mosquitoes. The addition of CO2 to the BG-Sentinel or BGSuna trap enables you to catch a broad range of mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects. Various sources of carbon dioxide (CO2) can be used and must be sourced separately. The CO2 Upgrade Set releases pure CO2 from the plastic nozzle directly above the BG-Sentinel trap or below the BG-Suna trap and optimizes the dispersal of carbon dioxide by using a CO2 tube that is equipped with sinter plugs to regulate the flow rate. Depending on the existing mosquito situation, you can choose between 2 different flow rates: 8.3 and 20.8 g/h. This allows the adaptation of the carbon dioxide emission to the local and seasonal mosquito situation. The following is a consumption table of CO2 comparing the two CO2 flow rates.

To upgrade the BG-Sentinel trap to a CO2 trap. Comes complete with the following:

  • Biogents CO2 nozzle
  • CO2 Y-Tube (5m) with 2 sinter plugs to regulate the flow rates to; 8.3 and 20.8 g/h
  • Pressure reducing regulator with output pressure of 0.7 bars (For gas cylinders with valves W21, 8 x 1/14���to DIN 477)

CO2 Upgrade Set- LI.MR.41