Biological safety cabinets used to work under sterile and protective environment. These cabinet offer protection to the person, material and environment. The environment will be protected by releasing harmless air, human will be protected from inhaling hazardous material, and samples will be protected from contamination. All these three combined will be offered in protective environment.

Class - II biosafety cabients offer protection to human and environment and the samples. These cabinets are suitable to work with all types of risk agents. The air recirculation is at 70% and 30% exhaust makes it ideal for working with all kinds of microbs except highly contagious, volatiles and requires complete dissociation from the cabinet air like volatiles toxics and radionuclies.

Class II-A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

  • 1. Small dimension, save space.  

    2. Centrifugal fan, speed adjustable; H14 HEPA filter.

    3. Motorized front window: The front window is motorized for convenient, one-hand operation.

    4. Voice prompt function: Airflow alarm, filter replacing alarm and front window height alarm.

    5. Time reserve function: This can save 30 minutes waiting time after activating the cabinet and the sterilization time   after experiment.  

    6. Remote control: Each function can be realized 6 meters away from the cabinet by remote control, which can protect the operator under emergency. 7. Large LCD display: Operators can check detailed status of the cabinet, such as inflow and down flow veIocity, worK area temperature and humidity, filter pressure, UV working tIme and filter working time, filter life indicator etc. 8. With memory function in case of power-failure.

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