The CDC Wilton Trap Model 1912 was a cooperative design effort of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the New Orleans Mosquito Control Board for the collection of Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus.


Design Characteristics

Close-up of the CDC Wilton Trap with the Lid Removed

The trap is attractive by virtue of its shiny black appearance. The mosquitoes are captured in a upper screened cup so there is no damage to the specimens as they come through the fan.


Optional CO2 Release

The addition of dry ice which involves CO2 gas, results in significant increases in the number and diversity of mosquitoes caught and makes the location of the trap less critical. Used in the afternoon, it allows the collection of diurnally active mosquitoes that are not normally attracted to light traps. Our Insulated Dry Ice Container (P/N 1.10) is simply a modified Igloo� drink cooler with stainless steel hardware to make it easy to use with 2kg of dry ice. The insulation slows the rate of sublimation and by hanging the trap from the hook below the cooler, the CO2 is released at the correct location, right above the trap.

Insulated Dry-Ice Container (Igloo), P/N 1.10


Included Items 

The CDC Wilton Trap Model 1912 includes:

  • Trap
  • Power Cable
  • Collection Carton and Lid
  • Screen Funnel
  • Instructions



  • The trap draw is 0.125 Amps/hour at 6 volts.
  • Requires a 6 volt, 12 amp DC battery. See the batteries and chargersproduct page for options.



CDC Wilton Trap

    • Specific for Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus.
    • Specimens are not damaged by the fan.
    • Can be used with insulated Dry Ice Container for CO2release.
    • Downdraft fan keeps catch in the screened cup.
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