CDC Miniature Ligtht Trap with Incadescent Bulb HSN: 8479 
The CDC Miniature Light Trap was developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC, USA) to provide a reliable and portable sampling device for the collection of mosquitoes and sand flies. Since the trap has been introduced way back in the 1960s, it has become a standard mosquito collection equipment for both surveillance and interpretation of the effects of vector control interventions. The mosquitoes get attracted to the light and trapped in collection bag provided due to downward suction of the air. The fan provided suck the air downward which runs at 0.2amps/hr at 6v. 

Uses: Collection of insects and mosquitoes for both surveillance and taxonomical purposes

(a) Trap Assembly with light, motor, and fan 
(b) Lid 
(c) Collection Cup 
(d) Power Cable 
(e) Instructions 
(f) 6v Battery 
(g) Battery charger - Can be used to charge a single battery at 12 or 6v.

Brand Labitems
Usage/Application Mosquitoes and sandflies collection for molecular, surveillance and taxonomical studies
Barrix Catch Mosquitoes collection for research purpose
Insect Type Mosquitoes
Lamp Incandescent bulb
Material Acrylic, Plastic, Metal and Nylon Mesh
Packaging Type Box


Please download instructions here

CDC Light Trap CDCL512

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