When used in combination with Biogents proprietary artificial human scent, the BG-Lure, the BG-Sentinel is an excellent monitoring trap for yellow fever mosquitoes, their realtives from the genus Stegomyia, and other anthropophilic species. The BG-Lure releases an artificial skin odour (a proprietary combination of ammonia, lactic acid, and caproic acid) in a finely tuned ration similar to that of human skin. A version of the artificial scent which gives off smaller quanities of the active ingredients that mimicks human body odor is called Sweetscent.
Due to a new formulation of our artificial scents, we were able to significantly increase the effectiveness of our BG-Lure as well as of the Sweetscent.

Biogents Cartridge Lure (Mosquito Attractant) - LI-MR-43

    1. Please do not install the trap under direct sun, under heavy windy or rainy conditions
    2. Do care to install under shade, probable mosquito resting places, high humid areas with potential breeding sites
    3. The new trap fabric may give plastic smell which is found to have a repellency effect on mosquitoes. Leaving trap installed for couple of days under open conditions remove plastic stain from the trap
    4. Please do practice using the trap under contained laboratory conditions before installing them in the field. For this, please first follow step 3 when you are using a new trap. After that, release 10 or any known number of Aedes mosquitoes in side the insectary or closed containment and let the trap installed overnight to catch the released mosquitoes. Count the number caught in the trap and re-work until you satisfy using the trap.
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